Who is

Ray.s Band-
Where it all started

Since 2018 the Band is making Music and playing Covers to reach their audiences hearts

It all began back there, when the bands drummer Emil and the bassist Clemens went to Music school together. There, they soon discovered their passion for making Music together with and for other people and started participating in the schools official band, formerly called Royal Ivy. Soon, however, their old vocalist wanted to quit the Band and a new one had to enter the ring. Conveniently enough, the professional Vocalist and also finalist of the Kiddy Contest 2012-Selina Gerstmayer also quit her old band and decided to join Emil and Clemens on their adventure. 

Later, their former Guitarist Jessica found her way into the group, which had also undergone a name change to the Band known today as RAY.S. As you should know, Clemens liked to play guitar for the local church, just as Stephan happened to do. Because at the time, they wanted a second guitarist, Clemens asked him, whether he could also play electric guitar. One week later, they had their first performance together, and it all went perfect.

After that the RAY.S performed on several occasions such as NOVA ROCK 2019, Donauinselfest, SPH Bandcontest (where they made it to the finals), Petersberg Festival, Splash Hard Festival and too many more to mention. Also they released their first EP and later 3 more Singles, which can be found on Spotify!

In the following year tho, the group went through a very rough patch. Sadly, Jessica had to quit the band because she needed more time for her new Job and with the introduction of our beloved COVID 19 virus, most live Shows were canceled. The rehersals became less frequent and the inspiration left. After one year without any new Music and hardly any performances, Stephan proposed to the Band, that he wanted to quit. Too bad that he had his guitar with him and they wanted to play one more jam… which turned out to be the spark they needed to reignite the flame of their passion. What was once one a jam, quickly turned into a song and then another one and another one. Which brings us to the present day, where the RAY.S has just released their new Single “ANOTHER STORY” and is about to drop many more bangers in the very near future!